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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Can I Be at Peace?

Eggscapism (2011)
Duy Huynh

There is a Sufi teaching story about a caged bird.

The bird was well looked after by her owner, fed and talked to, and her cage was kept by an open window so she could see the wonderful world outside. But still she was caged. She could see other birds flying free. She could see interesting things happening. Her wings twitched because she longed so to join the world.
One day, the owner left both the cage door and the window open, and went to work for the day. The bird quicky hopped out of her cage and onto the window ledge. She could see so much!  She could see mountains and a lake, birds cavorting, humans hugging on the street below.  So much amazing life!
But the bird could not make herself move. She just stayed on the ledge, wondering what to do. She stayed and stayed and stayed. She couldn’t make her wings take flight. The bird was still there when her owner came home from work. So he put the bird back in her cage. And there she stayed.

for You and me


  1. In the heart of my heart,
    I do not want to be
    Better than you
    Smarter than you
    more slender as you
    prettier than you
    faster than you
    Stronger than you
    with more achievements than you
    creative as you
    like you best mother
    in May good friend like you
    more educated than you
    nothing more than you.

    I want to go this way
    with you with
    the surprise of who you are
    marveling at your gifts
    just watch you love and light
    with your beauty strălucindă
    Just as you are.
    , and I want to see me in the same way,
    because you I really love
    Just as you are.
    , I thought it must be good
    just because you love me.

    give up this mantle

    outer glow,
    It was such a burden,
    a burden unnecessary
    self-imposed burden.
    however I will love
    being just as they are?
    In the heart of my heart,
    I know I do.

    Katy Stevenson Wirth


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